In the heart of Botswana, three brothers promise you special encounters

With wild animals. With local people. And with yourself. 

This is no ordinary safari

O amogetswe - Welcome

I am Frits Verheyen. I have been traveling into the Okavango Delta every year for thirty years. The people there became my friends. As a result, I can offer together with the Okavango Brothers - Li, Lemcha and Phillip -  a journey that few people in the world can experience. 

The Okavango Delta, a hidden treasure 

The Okavango Delta is the largest inland delta in the world. Where the Okavango River flows from the high plains of Angola into the Kalahari Desert, it creates a maze of shallow creeks and reed beds, water plains and low islands, an area the size of two thirds of Belgium. There are few places in the world where so many wild animals live.

Back to basics safari

You can't get any closer to nature 

With the Okavango Brothers you travel with your own boat to the heart of the delta and pitch your tents in remote places. The brothers cook on a wood fire, bake their bread in the ground, teach you to survive in nature, know where the most beautiful places are with the most wildlife.  

It is an exceptional way to go on safari.

The places are limited